Advantages of Using Braided Copper Wire

Copper wires can be of different varieties like stranded copper wire or braided copper wire. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and you should weigh these properly before buying any variety. You must find out the kind of appliances these varieties can be used in. When you want a lot of flexibility the braided copper variety is preferable. This type is primarily used for connecting parts of vehicles electronically such as the exhaust pipe. The braided copper wire is also used for making swinging gates and doors in places where towers have been built.

Why is the braided copper wire preferred to the solid copper wire variety?

  • The solid copper wire is much thicker strand compared to the braided one; the latter is a bunch of strands of copper which have been twisted or braided together in order to create a whole wire. This is why the braided variety is more flexible and malleable compared to the solid wires. The solid wires are not easily moldable because they are rigid.
  • The braided copper wire is also more resistant to rusting and its malleability makes it resilient to wear and tear that is frequent when there are continuous manipulations. This is why these bunches of copper wire strands are mainly used for making power cords and for accessories like the computer mouse.
  • The braided variety is ideal for appliances which experience heavy vibration. These make such appliances durable because the braided wires are flexible and long-lasting.
  • Unlike the regular copper wires, the braided variety is easier to install as they are composed of multiple thin copper strands which have been twisted together. This is easier to set up than single large strands having the same cross section.

Besides these many advantages that the braided copper wire has to offer, these wires are also found to be more economical than cables such as the coaxial cables. While they can both send electrical power effectively, they have specific features which makes them suitable for specific residential or commercial purposes. While the solid wires are better suited for rugged appliances and outdoor applications, the braided ones are better for electronic devices and circuit boards. Braided wires are suited for robotics and vehicle applications because of their strength and flexibility. When buying this variety of copper wires however, you must be sure that the suppliers are genuine and enjoy a solid reputation. You must only buy these wires from companies which have used superior raw materials and have tested them so that these are found to be absolutely safe for use in electronic devices and appliances. You can verify the credentials of the suppliers by checking for online reviews about the company and reading through customer feedback about their products. This will give you an idea about which manufacturers you can trust to provide you with safe and cost-effective braided copper wires. Copper wires are still the most preferred wiring when it comes to producing electrical devices and appliances which need flexible and durable wiring.

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